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Our highly trained staff groom your animals using The Humane Bath, which is gently applied in accordance to your pet’s needs.

NOTE: An additional charge may apply to special conditions requiring unusual time and effort. These include severely matted and knotted coats or pets with severe behavior problems. You will be informed in advance if an additional charge is warranted.

Bath, Brush And Nails Only

Includes de-tangling brush-out, massaging bath, nails clipping, ears cleaning and plucking, anal gland expression, basic cologne and a bandana or bows.

**These are general estimates. Pricing is subject to change. See “Schedule an appointment” and click the “Service” drop-down menu to see specific prices and breakdowns.

Size Price
small (1-20 lbs) under 12″ tall $30 – 40
medium (21-40 lbs) 24″to 32″ tall $40 – 60
large (41-70 lbs) 24″to 32″ tall $60 – 70
giant (71+ lbs) 32″ and taller $70 – 95

Breed chart inside to help with sizing

Full Groom

Includes all of the above with all-over haircut.

**These are general estimates. Pricing is subject to change. See “Schedule an appointment” and click the “Service” drop-down menu to see specific prices and breakdowns.

Size Price
small (1-20 lbs) under 12″ tall $45 – 65
medium (21-40 lbs) 24″ tall $65 – 80
large (41-70 lbs) 24″to 32″ tall $80 – 95
giant (71+ lbs) 32″ and taller $95 – 120

Breed chart inside to help with sizing

Extras & À La Carte

Oatmeal, Furmanitor (De-Shed) Or Medicated Shampoo Treatments

Helps to remove impurities, exfoliate the skin, and rebuild the coat. Adds shine, gloss, and silkiness to your precious pet.

Size Price
small (1-20 lbs) $15
medium (21-40 lbs) $20
large (41-70 lbs) $25
giant (71+ lbs) $30

Blueberry Facial

Gentle formula made of oatmeal and blueberry. Helps to remove stains on the face without irritating eyes or sensitive skin. Also helps with odor.

Size Price
All sizes $10


Clipping and filing nails, shaving pads, rounding feet, and application of moisturizing paw pad treatment

Add-On Price
Purchased individually $25
Purchased along with Full Groom $15

Clip Nails

Walk in and wait while we clip your pet’s nails. Keep their paws comfy with short nails and short quicks!

Size Price
Small – Medium $10
Large – Extra Large $15
Gently filed with Dremel tool
Size Price
Small – Medium $15
Large – Extra Large $20

Paw Pad Mosturizer

Moisturizing balm soothes and restores cracked and weathered paw pads and calluses on elbows.

Size Price
All sizes $5

Paint Nails

Add a POP of color to your pet’s groom! Nails can be painted on short-hair breeds and dogs with “Clean Feet” (shaved toes)

Size Price
All sizes $10

Teeth Brushing

Fight plaque and tartar buildup. We use an enzymatic tooth paste and breath-freshening spray.

Size Price
All sizes $10

Sanitary Shave

Ask our groomer to shave your baby’s potty areas and say goodbye to waste getting stuck to their fur!

Size Price
All sizes $10-15

Face Trim

Does you fur baby have some hair hanging over the eyes? Walk in and wait while we neaten up your pet’s face between grooms!

Size Price
All sizes $10-15

Flea Bath

Notice a flea on your pet? Let us know when you make your reservation, and we’ll get rid of those unwelcome guests!

**A flea bath must be purchased if we detect your pet has fleas – no exceptions.

***If your pet has an infestation of fleas (more than a few), you must get them treated at your veterinarian BEFORE they come in for their groom. Any dog with an infestation of fleas or ANY ticks will NOT be accepted for grooming. Ask your veterinarian about which flea & tick preventative will work best for your pet to keep pests off for good!

Size Price
small (1-20 lbs) $20
medium (21-40 lbs) $25
large (41-70 lbs) $30
giant (71+ lbs) $40


**Groomed on certain days only. Contact us for more information.

Service Price
Full Service Grooming $85-120
Bath and Brush $65-95

Ill, Aged, Or Disabled Pets

Special services are available for ill, aged, and disabled pets. Please call and ask for more information.

**Any prescribed shampoos must be accompanied by written instructions from your veterinarian.

Day Care

Regular Day Care Prices 1 Dog 2 Dog
Full day of fun (8 hours) $26.00 $46.00
½ Day of fun (ANY 4 hours, morning or afternoon) $19 $32

We also have day passes that can be used anytime.

Daycare Package 1 Dog 2 Dog
5 Day Package $105.00 $190.00
10 Day Package $200.00 $360.00
20 Day Package $450.00 $680.00
Monthly Membership $500.00 $875.00

Daycare Membership

One monthly charge automatically debited on the first of each month.

Monthly memberships include:

  • Unlimited daycare per month
  • 10% OFF of ALL other services (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • One full service bath per month (additional grooming services may be added on at 10% off regular prices)
  • 1 free nail trim per month

Preferred Customer

Pampered Pet membership

Includes haircut, bath, manicure, paw-dicure twice monthly, one set of soft dog nail covering, one blueberry facial, free holiday photo of your choice 15% off daycare packages and Training packages.
Most Importantly: Priority Holiday Booking!

Price varies based on breed

Classy Canine membership

Includes haircut, bath with blueberry facial once monthly. 10% discount on daycare packages and training packages.

Price varies based on breed

Fresh and Clean Membership

Includes haircut, bath, paw-dicure and %50 off any photography package of your choice.

Price varies based on breed

All Membership Packages Will Contribute To Our Give Back Program!

A percentage of each membership will be donated to rescuing an animal for our emotional support training program. Once trained the animal will be placed in a home with some one suffering with PTSD. With the help of our charitable partners we hope to help any person and animal that is suffering to feel safe. All monies collected will go towards pet deposits (when needed), training, ESA vest, pet chipping and vaccinations.

Please inquire about pricing during your visit

Make the choice that will keep your pups healthy and clean month in and month out. Tell the receptionist you’re ready to get started and we will get you signed up!

Dog Training

Private training will be $120 per lesson. The trainer will work with you and your dog together.

Day training is $95 per lesson. The trainer works with the dog alone and will briefly meet with you to transfer information about training sessions.

Day Training at Hound Therapy (not including any day care charges)
30 to 45 Mins Per Lesson

5 Day Package $485

In-Home Private Training Packages

Save 5%, 10%, and 15% on multi session training packages at your own home.

Private Training In Your Home 45 Mins to 1 Hour per session
5 Day Package $985

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